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Bus Shelters
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Multidirectional Signs
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Magnate Outdoor

Magnate Ventures are the pioneers of the Outdoor advertising by use of billboards, street signs, Hoardings and event branding the East Africa, with the operations based in Kenya. Every effort has been made to ensure that our products are well placed in order to provide the visibility that our client’s brands deserve.

Magnate Ventures Ltd has been the market leader in the Outdoor Billboard advertising for the last 15 years, commanding a 50% market share in Nairobi, 40% in Mombasa, 60% in Kisumu, 63% in Eldoret and 57% in Nakuru. This ensures that our clients can get a wider regional coverage for their advertising requirements. With over 1200 billboards countrywide, Magnate Ventures LTD is perfectly placed to ensure you reach the widest possible audience quickly, effectively and efficiently. Messages can be printed in different languages, and specifically designed to target particular regions Our billboards are located in almost all county headquarters, along Major Highways and key road intersections.

Being ISO 90001:2008 certified, our structures are constructed to the highest quality available to ensure that the standards are kept on every
site that we have,

• Billboards
• Hoardings
• Streetlights
• Bus Shelters
• Multi-directional Signs
• Wall wraps
• Sky signs
• Bridge branding